Our Quality Assurance and Safety Program

At SHORECOM, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service, workmanship and equipment with minimal impact on their operations, clients and services – both during installation and over the lifetime of their investment.

Quality Assurance

Recognizing the importance of quality in all of our projects, Shore Communications Management developed a Quality Policy which details strict working practices and processes which has become one of our core company values.  Once your installation is complete, our PM will perform a thorough QA check based on a BICSI standards detailed checklist. At every stage of every project, the QA team audits several key performance indicators, including:

We will identify any items that may need final adjustments, as well as discuss the finished project with you.  Our Quality Policy ensures that quality runs throughout every job we do, from components to work practices.  SHORECOM's commitment to quality differentiates us from the competition.  It ensures our goal of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and ensures your communications infrastructure needs are met..

Technical Expertise
Our focus is on providing turn-key solutions for your communications infrastructure.  SHORECOM has years of experience coupled with extensive training to ensure that our solutions meet or exceed your immediate requirements.  In addition, our solutions are flexible and adaptable for future technologies to help "future-proof" your cabling infrastructure.

Customer Service
SHORECOM strives to provide the highest levels of customer service.  From initial contact through to project completion, we never miss an opportunity to demonstrate that our customers’ needs come first.

You can be confident that our project proposals will always be competitive without compromising on quality or workmanship.

SHORECOM has experience installing solutions in a wide variety of industries including construction sites, retail business, schools, government facilities, warehouses and hospitality. Every project we undertake is strictly controlled through a site-specific safety plan.  SHORECOM Teams and vehicles are outfitted with proper PPE to support any requirements on your jobsite.  Our personnel receive safety training from our in-house OSHA outreach training instructor.

Protecting the environment
SHORECOM is very sensitive to the environment.  Our installation solutions always focus on quality with the minimum impact on the environment. Working with our suppliers we consider our impact on the environment at every stage of our installations and are continually improving our business processes.