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 SHORECOM, your trusted source for Structured Cabling, Audio/Video and In-Building Wireless (DAS).  We provide total lifecycle support - Planning, Design, Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting and Maintenance.


In-Building Wireless (DAS) Division

SHORECOM recognizes that the future of communications is Wireless.

We provide turn-key solutions to enhance cellular & wireless coverage and improve emergency responder communications in your building.

Enabling indoor wireless connectivity - anytime, anywhere!

Because of Smartphones and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities, wireless data usage is more than doubling every year with a majority of people using smartphones that leverage 3G/4G high-speed data services. At the same time, new building code mandates by ICC IFC ’09 and NFPA 72 210, are requiring approved radio coverage for first responders.

Unfortunately, inside buildings where we spend 80% of our time, present special challenges for wireless connectivity and often times have no more than 20% coverage for devices such as cell phones and tablets. In addition, new green construction techniques and materials used to achieve LEED certifications can completely block or degrade wireless signals which can causedropped calls and lost data connections.

Take a look at the video below which will take you through In-building Wireless DAS. For more information on Emergency Responder building coverage mandates, CLICK HERE.


Network Infrastructure Design and Installations

Despite the massive transition from wired to wireless, many structures across the United States lack the technology and infrastructure to facilitate reliable wireless communications. With nearly 70% of all wireless calls made indoors, the demand for seamless connectivity is greater than ever. As wireless mobility is encouraged in our society and workplace, the need to provide in-building wireless coverage grows. In-building wireless infrastructure enables the use of wireless devices, technologies, and applications within an enclosed structure. In-building wireless solutions can be installed in nearly any infrastructure including sports arenas and stadiums, hospitals, campus environments, airports, tunnels, high-rise buildings, and standard office buildings.

SHORECOM will help your organization develop a wireless infrastructure to improve productivity, optimize efficiencies, and enable reliable communications - anytime, anywhere.

SHORECOM provides the following In-building wireless solutions: Wireless Cellular, Wireless LAN, Public Safety & Security, Enterprise Solutions and Building Automation.

In today's high technology, high-speed, high-demand network environments, it is critical to know that your infrastructure is not going to fail you. As experts in network and fusion cabling installation, as wells as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), SHORECOM can make sure your system is configured to accommodate your future growth. Voice, data, video, security, paging and wireless are among the applications we have enabled through our installations. We provide total solutions for your communications needs. SHORECOM can provide the following services:

Phase 1 - Initial Needs Assessment and Scope

During the scope phase, the SHORECOM team will meet with the key customer stakeholders (IT, facilities, telecom, etc.) and insure all wireless and building requirements are known. Items such as coverage areas, services desired by floor, aesthetic concerns, building changes, capacity, etc.

With Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) capabilities on-staff, SHORECOM can assist in assessing your complete needs. Our approach will look at not only your immediate applications but will also take into account future applications, future growth of your organization and possible technology changes which would impact your company's needs. Considerations like type of equipment, load balancing and redundancy will be factored into our cost/benefit analysis. Our comprehensive design capabilities are second to none.

Phase 2 - Site Survey

SHORECOM technicians are available to conduct comprehensive site surveys to accurately assess your requirements. Factors such as structural layout of the facility, building codes and safety and physical security issues are among the conditions that will be incorporated into the final design.

The SHORECOM team will perform a detailed site survey from a mechanical and construction viewpoint and will determine the RF characteristics of the building. Key areas include:

  • Telecom Room and Closets
  • Risers
  • Individual Floors
  • Interior Walls
  • Roof
  • RF Testing
  • Logistics

Phase 3 - System Design

SHORECOM utilizes best-in-class design standards, tools, and processes to insure all customers’ requirements are met. SHORECOM will also work with the key application/service providers to insure all of their design criteria are achieved in the design process. Key design documents are delivered, including cabling plans and signal coverage predictions.

Your network will be designed by an RCDD and a Senior Electrical Engineer with many years of complex design experience. Our designs include state of the art components integrated with the latest design specifications and requirements. Our infrastructure design capabilities range across a broad spectrum of commercial applications including large transportation centers, multi-building educational campus environments, commercial airports, medical centers as well as any traditional office environments.

Phase 4 - Procurement and Logistics

After design acceptance by the customer, the SHORECOM project manager finalizes the installation plans and schedules the delivery of the infrastructure material. SHORECOM will have clearly defined roles and responsibilities between all parties to ensure a coordinated deployment.

Phase 5 - Installation

During the installation phase, a SHORECOM project manager will be on site during all required times to assist the installers with any questions or clarification regarding the installation/subsystem testing procedures to insure a quality installation.

Our in-house construction capabilities allow us to perform many construction activities which may be required before a job begins. This would include facility modifications to install telecommunications closets, core drilling, installing cableways, support hardware, conduit trays, rack installation, mounting equipment, installing grounding grids and antennas.

Phase 6 - Acceptance Testing

The installation phase will conclude with completion of the system level functional customer acceptance test plan. The SHORECOM team will perform a full sequence of tests and optimization to ensure integrity of the system. These subsystem tests include:

  • Wireless Portal Insertion Loss System Testing
  • Cable Quality Tests
  • PIM Testing

Testing and Certification

SHORECOM tests and certifies all of our installations to meet or exceed our customers' requirements for speed, data transfer and cable/connector quality. We utilize the latest network analyzers, TDR's, OTDR's and spectrum analysis to analyze and certify every component of your system to the highest industry standards. In addition, SHORECOM has a strict Quality Assurance program based on BICSI and ISO 9001:2008 standards and procedures to ensure a quality and successful installation.

Service Response Team

SHORECOM has a 24/7 service response team to support your system for the entire life cycle of the installation. Our experienced technicians can provide troubleshooting and repair services on-site at your facility to minimize lost production due to system casualties. If you are looking for technical excellence and exceptional service, SHORECOM is your industry leader.

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Teaming Opportunities

SHORECOM is always looking for opportunities to "TEAM" with great partners in order to provide total solutions to customers. If you have a project that you are interested in teaming on, please email or give us a call!

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